I have been on the hunt for the perfect mustard yellow top (similar) and I was finally successful at none other than the thrift store! Plus, it was only $1.50 so I was pretty happy to say the least. It is an XL, so obviously it is a bit baggy on me, but that is exactly what I wanted. I love the relaxed, casual look oversized tops have. I paired this yellow top with my yellow tinted sunglasses (naturally). Pulled on my favorite high-waisted jeans and these dark green boots to complete the look.

And can we just talk about Drake’s new More Life album for a quick sec? I am really digging the vibes of it and have had it on loop since it came out Saturday night. Some of my favorite tracks: “Passionfruit”, “Get It Together”, and “Ice Melts” just to name a few. A lot of amazing feel-good, summer songs. What are your thoughts?


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