White Monochrome Outfit

How to Wear a White Monochrome Outfit

This season, head-to-toe monochrome outfits have been trending and I felt compelled to try it out for myself. Although I must say, a white monochrome outfit is certainly not for the faint of heart (or the clumsy), but a great way too make a fashion statement if you are feeling bold enough. Here are some of my tips on how to successfully create an all white monochrome outfit without looking washed out.


Accessories are one of the most overlooked parts of an outfit. Typically, people only think about the clothing when getting dressed, but accessories can really make or break an outfit and should not be forgotten. Admittedly, my face is not shown in this photo, but I seriously cannot step out of the house without a pair of sunglasses. A pair of oversized sunglasses instantly adds a touch of chic, while a simple metal frame pair makes the look more sophisticated.

Along the same lines, one cannot forget about belts, which are of utmost importance in a white monochrome outfit, as it separates the top from the bottom to avoid looking like one singular white blob. In this instance, I am wearing a black western style belt with silver hardware.

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White Monochrome outfit

Contrasting Texture

Another trick that is a must when attempting the white monochrome outfit is to have contrasting texture in the top and bottom. I am wearing a thick cable knit turtleneck sweater that I tucked into the belt. On the other half, I opted for a silky pair of cream trousers. These two work so well together because of the differing textures to make it obvious that you are not wearing a jumpsuit. (Just be careful when shopping for a monochrome outfit because it’s hard to tell if the two pieces will match exactly!)

In addition, I decided to layer a gorgeous, classic trench coat overtop to pull everything together. Although, it is not white, it is a neutral tone so I thought it would go well overtop the all white outfit.

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Statement Footwear

To make this outfit complete, I had to go with my pair of checkered Vans to add an element of surprise. I think this choice in footwear toned down the formality of the outfit and made it more wearable for an everyday look. Again, this also breaks up the white monochrome outfit a bit and adds some pattern into an otherwise solid look.

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