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I will admit, at one point in time, I was that annoying girl who refused to wear sweats in public (even in college)!! I never looked down on anyone who would do so, but personally, it just made me feel lazy and unmotivated. However, the cozy trend has been snowballing the past couple of years and I could not help but latch on and it changed my whole perspective on comfort and leisure wear. Nowadays, if I am just running out for a few errands or to grab a bite to eat, I will gladly wear my sweatpants out and about as long as they still look put together.

Red Track Set from Kooding

Matchy Matchy

I picked out this comfy red sweats set from Kooding and I have been living in it – inside and outside of the house. Admittedly, it is quite baggy on me but I think that is what makes it so comfortable. The top cropped and has a boxy silhouette with cute white stitching along the neckline. The sweatpants are pretty typical, but they do cinch at the ankles with a matching white detail. If this is too overwhelmingly red, feel free to wear them separately (which I do often)!

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Team Cozy

Comfort is seriously key for me now, especially in the dead of winter when one cannotbe bothered to be dressed to the nines 24-7. Sets are a must because they are a no brainer. No worrying about if the outfit matches. Instead, you can just slip it on and hop out the door, which is ideal especially if you are just running a few errands and coming back.

Kooding is a great online retailer for your Korean fashion needs! I would definitely recommend them for your cozy needs! Here are some of my favorite sweats I found:

Kodding Fashion Picks

1. Bomber 2. Run Banding Pants 3. Bottom Strap Pants 4. Hoodie



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