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Minimal Amazon Bedroom Decor Under $50



If you are not following my on Instagram, you probably have not heard my big news! I got a new job and am shortly moving to New York City! Specifically Brooklyn and I have been on this huge interior decor binge lately in preparation for the big move. Amazon continues to be my go-to when it comes to this type of home decor stuff because of the huge selection and the option of Prime (duh). I decided to hunt down my favorite bedroom decor products that are all under $50!

Green Machine

I love plants and foliage….but I do not have the best green thumb (or any to be honest). I have a few live plants I managed to keep alive, but other than that, I think there is nothing wrong with some artificial plants! They may not be real, but they keep your space looking fresh and zen. Personally, I think the greener, the better! I like to go with plants I can put on countertops, as well as a few options I can hang.

Selection of artifice plants from Amazon
1. Plant Hanger 2. Potted Plant 3. Geometric Wall Decor 4. Silk Palm Tree 5. Silk Wisteria Vines 6. Assorted Succulents


 All Natural

I also love interior decor items that have a nature-inspired vibe to them. Not to mention, these neutral, brown toned products would pair so well with the above artificial plants. Mixing both will definitely bring a sense of symmetry and calm to your bedroom space – especially with products such as the salt lamp and oil diffuser.

1. Gold Mirror 2. Himalayan Salt Lamp 3. Tapestry 4. Retro End Table 5. Essential Oil Diffuser 6. Decorative Throw Pillow


Cuddle Season

Evidently, one of the main focuses of the bedroom is…the bed. Make sure you pay close attention to the piece of furniture where you spend 8 hours (ideally, right?) everyday. Personally, I love buying things to enhance the bed and amp up the coziness factor. These products do exactly that.


1. Leaf Throw Pillow Covers 2. Down Duvet 3. Laptop Desk 4. Throw Blanket 5. Silk Pillowcase 6. Sateen Sheets



I have been trying to be more active on Pinterest and lately I have been pinning so much interior/home decor ideas! To wrap this post up, here are some of my favorite bedroom/home decor photos featuring some similar products from above!


Pinterest pinterst



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Interior Design Inspiration

Mitsuori Architects – Armadale House 2

Good morning, lovelies. I hope everyone is having a productive week so far. Today’s post is a bit of home inspiration. Asides from fashion, I actually have a really keen interest in interior design/architecture and you can often find me browsing inspiration photos when I am bored. A lot of times, I feel fashion and architecture go hand-in-hand. I am still finishing up my last year of college and have started thinking about the possibility of moving out on my own (in an ideal world). For now, I am thinking of trying to stay in the Philadelphia area, but who knows what is going to happen.

I decided to gather some of my favorite interior design inspiration for you guys and also for myself for sure future reference, haha.

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Wishlist #6: Minimal is Key

Happy Monday, lovelies! What better way to start the grueling week than with a bit of fashion inspiration. Feast your eyes upon the gorgeous outfit from designer Ji Oh’s Resort 17 collection. Recently, I stumbled upon this up-and-coming designer from Korea (ayy represent) and instantly fell in love with all of her creations. I believe she is a designer who really captures the essence of minimal style and this is evident all 5 of her released collections. Unfortunately, I am not able to purchase from her made-to-order shop, however I can get some serious inspiration from her work and curated a small collection from around the web that have a similar (and more affordable feel)!

*Click product to shop!*

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Wishlist #5: 50s Inspiration

Hello, lovelies. Recently, I started a mood board (an arrangement of images, materials, pieces of text, etc., intended to evoke or project a particular style or concept) on my wall so I can have a quick source of inspiration throughout the day. I chose particular images that resonated with me, including the image above that I found on Tumblr. First off, I have a strong adoration for fashion circa the 50’s-70’s and this particular woman above gives off a strong feminine presence I wish I could emanate. I love the silky blouse paired with those high-waisted wide pants complete with her observant gaze and cigarette in hand. There’s something romantic about this entire look that I cannot get enough of.
With this exact photo in mind, I browsed the online shops and picked out some accessible, modern day pieces that I feel she would wear in present-day. 
*Click product to be directed to shop*

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