Stussy jacket, H&M skirt & choker, Bare Feet Shoes knee-high boots

I prefer to have my photos taken outside, but I still feel awkward about having people watch me, so I took advantage of the cold weather and the solitude at a park around my house where I wouldn’t be scrutinized. Of course I decided to shoot where there’s these weird industrial pipes…but whatever I guess it kinda looks cool?

The other day I shared my appreciation for fashionable sweatpants and now I would like to shout out to the current trend that is knee-high boots. I can wear cute skirts and not be as cold since they consume 3/4 of my leg! Crazy.

In a Daze

 Old Navy moto jacket, Kenneth Cole blouse, Forever 21 sweats, Vera Wang booties

Thank god “fashionable” sweatpants exist in this world because today is one of those rainy days where every fiber of my being just wants to curl up in my bed and have a solo movie marathon. But alas, I’ll instead be spending every spare moment I have for the next 2.5 weeks studying for final exams. Anyway, yeah…sweatpants. At least I’ll be comfortable while writing an essay in the library without looking like a hobo.
For my fellow college students: Good luck as exams are creeping up on us! 23 days until Christmas!

Review: Alexander Wang x H&M Yoga Mat


Two weeks before the Alexander Wang x H&M collection made its grandiose debut in stores on November 9th, I entered this contest via H&M’s snapchat and managed to win the yoga mat from the collection! I was stoked, especially since I was planning to be in line on the 9th, but was too sick to go. At least I have something from the collection.
Now that I have used it a couple of times, I think it does its job. My favorite aspect of it is the fact that it is extra long and when I lay out, my feet aren’t hanging off the edge. However, my major gripe with it is the carrier. It looks so sporty and chic when in it, but once you take it out it is impossible to put back in. For some reason they decided to make the circumference of the bag the same exact size as the rolled-up mat, making it a half hour ordeal to shove back into the holder. Good thing I predominately work out at home or I would look pathetic trying to take this mat in and out at the gym.
But being a college student, I have learned to graciously accept anything that is free. And, I do feel rather stylish whilst sweating my ass off…which is kind of nice, I guess.
Oh and I like to do yoga for warm-up stretching prior to exercising. Currently, I am trying to focus on working with weights and doing things to target my glutes (i.e. squats, dead lifts, etc). It has been hard to try and maintain some sort of exercise regimen, but I do my best to work out at least every other day. Summer bodies are made in winter, yknow! 🙂


 Karen Scott sweater, Forever 21 denim shirt & pants, Cole Haan loafers

Nothing says comfort more than dressing like a man. I’m not really doing anything today so I just wanted to be relaxed and comfortable. I have finally made it to Thanksgiving break and am blessed with a whole week off from school. Praise da lord
I love coming home because my puppy is always so ecstatic to greet me. It makes me feel so loved. :’) I can’t wait to spend the whole week cuddling with him!

Blacker Than My Coffee

 Forever 21 coat (similar) & scarf, H&M blazer & top, Bullhead denim, Cole Haan loafers

Everyday as I take my first sip of coffee, I wonder to myself, is coffee a blessing or a vice? I am the type of person where I cannot live without it. Even in high school I would have coffee withdraw headaches. Sad, I know. Yet, I am grateful because it is my own personal magical liquid fuel that allows me to keep going class-to-class, essay-to-essay.

How do you take your coffee? Personally, I could drink it anyway.. Extra sweet, bitter, or dark. Today, I was feeling rather gloomy (can’t you tell from my vibrant attire?), so I purchased a large black cup before I walked back home.