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Are Crop Tops Ever Okay for the Office?


The answer? Most likely, probably not. Perhaps if you had a pretty relaxed job in the fashion industry, but I assume in the average workplace it is a no. However, in an alternate universe, this is what I would wear if crop tops were indeed appropriate office attire. To make it more professional, I chose a dark color palette – mainly grey and black. This way, the outfit is more streamlined and coordinated.

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This crop top with tie details is so darn cute and I always get loads of compliments when I wear it (still available on Asos)! The black block heels are also from Asos, but aside from that, everything else in this outfit is thrifted. I recently found these gorgeous tailored grey pants that are actually Ralph Lauren uniform pants from the boys section. They surprisingly fit my waist perfectly and fall at the perfect ankle length. Perks of being short, I guess. The bag and belt are also past thrift store finds.

                 Thrift Tip: Don’t forget to check the other departments too. You never know when you will find a hidden gem such as these pants from the boys section!
In other news, I plan on having a detailed post up about how I shoot all my own outfit photos myself. If you have any questions, be sure to drop them below in the comments! x
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Let’s Get Graphic: How T-Shirts Can Make an Outfit


I was recently gifted this one from Grimes, a pretty cool clothing company that donates a portion of their sales to charity. I really love the vintage vibe to this one and the simple cursive script. I decided to pair it with some white trousers and my checkered vans for a casual, laid-back outfit.

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However, I am obsessed with any sort of graphic t-shirt and I swear my closet is filled to the brim with them. I love the versatility and ease of pairing that comes with it. Seriously, you always have the ability to dress a t-shirt up or down. You can chuck one on with some denim shorts or you can pair one underneath a boyfriend blazer and accessorize with some layered necklaces for a more dressed up look. Shop some of the ones I am loving below and don’t be afraid to check out the men’s tees as well:

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Happy Friday, by the way! What are your weekend plans? I do not really have anything going on this weekend yet, but be sure to check out my Instagram because I am always updating on my story there! I’ll see you on Monday with a new post about how I shoot all my blog photos by myself!


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How to Wear Checkerboard Vans

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        My favorite black denim skirt: DSTLD

Good morning, babes! Two weeks ago, I finally caved in and purchased the checkerboard Vans slip-ons, which I have been eyeing for quite some time now. They are now my new beaters and I honestly have been wearing them almost everyday. At first, I was a bit hesitant because I never had shoes with such a loud pattern on them and thought it would be a challenge to find outfits to pair well. However, I realized it isn’t a problem since they look so good with your average black and white outfit – which is something I wear most days to be quite honest, LOL.

This is one of my go-to outfits when it comes to wearing these checkerboard Vans. I paired it with a simple black and white men’s graphic t-shirt (mine is originally from Fuct) and this mid-length pencil skirt with a trend, athletic white stripe running down both sides. My boyfriend’s mom actually picked this out at thrift store for me for no less than $.50! My accessories include this Dancing Queen necklace and yellow-tinted sunglasses. I absolutely love this casual look and I think the checkerboard Vans are the perfect touch.


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silk bralette slim crew neck denim skirt Image HTML map generator

Happy Monday, my loves! Today’s post features DSTLD – a brand that was just recently introduced to me and I could not be more grateful because of it. I absolutely fell head over heels for their collection go minimal, yet timeless pieces. Each item is a wardrobe basic that every girl should have in their closet. I seriously never knew my closet was in dire need of a plain white t-shirt until now.

In this post, I am wearing their slim crew neck which is slightly translucent so you can see just a peak of the white silk bralette I layered underneath. Lastly, I wore this chic, faded black denim skirt to complete the whole outfit. My favorite thing about all three of these pieces, is the fact that they can be  the foundation of so many other outfits – together or separate.

Now let’s talk quality. I was quite impressed with the durability of these DSTLD items. Since I have received them in the mail, I have worn all three multiple times and have thrown them into the wash. The tee is still soft as ever, the bralette comfortable as it first came out of the package, and the skirt still its’ true color. Although, the latter is slightly big on my (if you’re typically an XXS like me, a 24 is a little big around the waist), however the addition of my favorite thrifted belt resolved this problem in a jiffy.

Get 10% off your DSTLD purchase with the code ‘enclothedcognition’

*FTC: Sponsored by DSTLD

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Guess? (Blue Sky Tag)

I have a lot of oversized men/s graphic t-shirts and one of my favorite ways to style them in the summer is knotting the center so it’s much more tailored. By doing so, a large tee transforms into a more cropped look, which is perfect for an effortless, relaxed summer outfit such as this. In this outfit, I am wearing a Guess logo tee layered underneath a boyfriend blazer and paired with a dark green pair of cropped joggers.

Not too long ago, my lovely blogger friend, Jessica of Diary of a Toronto Girl, challenged me to take the Blue Sky Tag. So here it is!

1. What is your guilty pleasure?

There is nothing I feel really remorse after…except for when I indulge a little too hard in the sweets. I loveeee food and I do have a sweet tooth. Now that it is quite hot out, I find myself always craving ice cream or water ice, especially late at night, which is the worst time to eat!!

2. Who is your blogging role model?

Definitely Aimee Song (Song of Style). I have been following her for so long and she never fails to inspire me. I am sure she has help, but despite her busy life, she always provides such good, frequent blog content. I also admire her as a person and business woman too.

3. Why did you begin blogging?

When I had my previous blog in middle school, I was not really involved in many extracurricular activities, but I was really drawn to the internet. I started a blog as a hobby and a way to express myself. With Enclothed Cognition today, it was incepted upon the same terms, but this time I utilized it as a creative outlet, while also making it more professional because I knew I wanted to try and pursue a career in fashion.

4. What’s your favorite pastime besides blogging?

YouTube videos (Recently, I have been loving H3H3Productions and PAQ), as well as Netflix (Currently watching 30 Rock). I also really enjoy reading!!

5. If you had to be another animal, what would you be?

This is tough because I have a lot of favorite animals. Any other day, I would probably say a wolf or an elephant. However, right now I have this weird fascination with raccoons??? Idk I think they’re so cute LOL

6. What is one fashion or beauty trend you never want to see return?

Drop crotch pants. *shudders*

7. What is one thing you hate most in this world?

I don’t hate a lot of things, but I’d have to say one of my biggest pet peeves is when you clearly go out of your way to hold open a door for someone and they don’t even say thank you. Just me?

8. What is your favorite social media platform and why?

Instagram is my favorite, although it is a love/hate relationship. I really enjoy posting and browsing other people’s visual content! 

9. If you were to start your blogging career over, what would you do differently?

I would put a lot more effort into it from the start. When I first started out, I did not have a big focus on quality like I do now!

10. What three things would you bring to a blogging retreat (assuming laptops, internet, and food/drinks are covered)?

Definitely my camera and phone so I can document the event, duh haha!

11. What is your favorite quote of all time?

To be honest, I can’t recall any motivating quotes, but the only one that could come to my head was, “Why is the rum gone?!” from Pirates of the Caribbean. That’s my all time favorite movie, haha! I promise I am not an alcoholic..

I tag anyone who wants to do it! I would love to get to know you guys more through this tag! 🤗

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Kid at Heart (and in Dress)





This is not a sponsored post, I promise. I just have this obsession with Depop, an app where the average consumer can open their own online shop. Y’all already know how much I adore thrifting, so this is essentially thrifting online. I have sold (my username is @mskeri) and purchased quite a few things on this app and it is a great place to find some unique fashion pieces you cannot find anywhere else.

Recently, I purchased this green dress that was originally from Zara Kids. I absolutely love the way this fits on me (because I am built like a child, lol). I just paired a plain black tube top underneath and chucked on these black & gold sandals. I thought it was such a fun, easy look and a great seasonal tradition piece. Do you have a Depop? I would love to check out your items!

In other news, I hope you enjoyed the first day of summer yesterday! I honestly could have sworn it was summer already, haha. I do not really have any major summer plans or travels, but am definitely open to something…hm. The boyfriend and I were thinking of spending a few days in NYC again. Do you have anything major planned for summer?