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How to Thrive in 2018

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As I get older, the reality of diminishing time becomes more and more apparent. Honestly, as soon as I reached my 20s, I felt like the years have been getting shorter and shorter. Needless to say, I am still in denial in the fact that it is now 2018. How did this happen? I wrote on Instagram a bit ago about how I did accomplish a lot of things such as graduating from college and adopting my first bun child, Mononoke. Yet, I feel like 2017 was not my best work.

Yes, I am treating 2017 as if it was some project, but it’s true! There are 365 days a year in which we wake up and either accomplish what we set out to do or we do not. I have this haunting feeling that I did not live up to my full potential this past year and laziness came into factor a lot more than it should have. But 2018 is going to be different. I have had a full mental shift and this is how I am going to make 2018 the year I thrive.

Keri Shoots a Film Photo

Set Goals

I do not believe in New Year’s resolutions, but I do believe in setting realistic goals for yourself for the year ahead. Take some time to sit down and write down what you want to achieve this year and order them from greatest to least importance. Next, take this same list and expand it. Write down every actionable step you need to take to reach this certain goal. If you can, take these a step further by setting a date in which you want this to be done by. Add it to your planner, bullet journal, iPhone notes, or wherever else this information can be easily accessible to you.

Sometimes goals seem unattainable because they are lofty or you do not know how to go about it. This process eliminates this intimidation factor and leaves you with no excuses. Breaking down your 2018 goals step-by-step is a great way to attack things head on. For me, my biggest 2018 goals I am going to tackle: Expand my blog, improve my Korean and put more time into my relationships.

What are your 2018 goals? Share them in the comments below!

Dress the Part

Time and time again, you will find me stressing the importance of enclothed cognition or how your outfit has a psychological effect on your mood and feelings. What better way to start off 2018 feeling like a #girlboss than by getting an outfit that says so. December was all about gifting other people, so let’s make January about treating yourself. Go shopping and treat yourself to the latest piece to your capsule collection or invest in that top you have been eyeing the past couple of months. If it makes you feel good when you put it on, it is worth it.

One of my favorite companies I have been loving to browse through is Blue & Cream – a high-end contemporary retailer. They have an amazing selection of designer pieces and the warehouse sale selection is to die for! Here are some of the things I am eyeing:

Blue & Cream Fashion Picks

  1. Sea Relaxed Maxi Coat
  2. Elizabeth and James Gisella Sweater
  3. Frame Denim Le Skinny De Jeanne Jean

Get Your Finances in Check

On Reddit, I saw someone who did a $5 challenge throughout 2018. Essentially, they saved all the $5 bills they obtained and put them to the side. By the end of the year, they saved quite a hefty sum of money! Personally, this would not work for me because I do not carry cash that often, butI decided to tweak it to suit my lifestyle. I am making it a goal of 2018 to spend more wisely and save a portion of each paycheck for the future. Trust me, you’re going to thank yourself!

Love Yourself

If you have not evaluated your self-love and inner-confidence this past year, I highly suggest you do so. Fresh beginnings means it is time to embrace all your imperfections and to learn to love yourself like you have never before. Make it a goal to look into the mirror every morning and give yourself one compliment. Make it a goal to be more health conscious, to stick to a skincare routine and to do more of the things you take pride in and enjoy. You cannot thrive in 2018 if you are still wallowing in self-doubt.

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Let’s work together to maintain this mindset for all of 2018! If you want things to happen in your life, you need to take action. This year is going to be the year we collectively thrive, learn from each other and grow. I know we are all going to achieve great things. Let’s keep the conversation and motivation going by sharing all your thoughts with the hashtag, #2018cognition on Twitter! See you there!

I promise to thrive in 2018 by being more productive and loving myself! #2018cognition Click To Tweet



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Red Set from

Cozy Sweats with Kooding

I will admit, at one point in time, I was that annoying girl who refused to wear sweats in public (even in college)!! I never looked down on anyone who would do so, but personally, it just made me feel lazy and unmotivated. However, the cozy trend has been snowballing the past couple of years and I could not help but latch on and it changed my whole perspective on comfort and leisure wear. Nowadays, if I am just running out for a few errands or to grab a bite to eat, I will gladly wear my sweatpants out and about as long as they still look put together.

Red Track Set from Kooding

Matchy Matchy

I picked out this comfy red sweats set from Kooding and I have been living in it – inside and outside of the house. Admittedly, it is quite baggy on me but I think that is what makes it so comfortable. The top cropped and has a boxy silhouette with cute white stitching along the neckline. The sweatpants are pretty typical, but they do cinch at the ankles with a matching white detail. If this is too overwhelmingly red, feel free to wear them separately (which I do often)!

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Red Sweat Suit from


Team Cozy

Comfort is seriously key for me now, especially in the dead of winter when one cannotbe bothered to be dressed to the nines 24-7. Sets are a must because they are a no brainer. No worrying about if the outfit matches. Instead, you can just slip it on and hop out the door, which is ideal especially if you are just running a few errands and coming back.

Kooding is a great online retailer for your Korean fashion needs! I would definitely recommend them for your cozy needs! Here are some of my favorite sweats I found:

Kodding Fashion Picks

1. Bomber 2. Run Banding Pants 3. Bottom Strap Pants 4. Hoodie



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White Monochrome Outfit

How to Wear a White Monochrome Outfit

This season, head-to-toe monochrome outfits have been trending and I felt compelled to try it out for myself. Although I must say, a white monochrome outfit is certainly not for the faint of heart (or the clumsy), but a great way too make a fashion statement if you are feeling bold enough. Here are some of my tips on how to successfully create an all white monochrome outfit without looking washed out.


Accessories are one of the most overlooked parts of an outfit. Typically, people only think about the clothing when getting dressed, but accessories can really make or break an outfit and should not be forgotten. Admittedly, my face is not shown in this photo, but I seriously cannot step out of the house without a pair of sunglasses. A pair of oversized sunglasses instantly adds a touch of chic, while a simple metal frame pair makes the look more sophisticated.

Along the same lines, one cannot forget about belts, which are of utmost importance in a white monochrome outfit, as it separates the top from the bottom to avoid looking like one singular white blob. In this instance, I am wearing a black western style belt with silver hardware.

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White Monochrome outfit

Contrasting Texture

Another trick that is a must when attempting the white monochrome outfit is to have contrasting texture in the top and bottom. I am wearing a thick cable knit turtleneck sweater that I tucked into the belt. On the other half, I opted for a silky pair of cream trousers. These two work so well together because of the differing textures to make it obvious that you are not wearing a jumpsuit. (Just be careful when shopping for a monochrome outfit because it’s hard to tell if the two pieces will match exactly!)

In addition, I decided to layer a gorgeous, classic trench coat overtop to pull everything together. Although, it is not white, it is a neutral tone so I thought it would go well overtop the all white outfit.

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Statement Footwear

To make this outfit complete, I had to go with my pair of checkered Vans to add an element of surprise. I think this choice in footwear toned down the formality of the outfit and made it more wearable for an everyday look. Again, this also breaks up the white monochrome outfit a bit and adds some pattern into an otherwise solid look.

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Honest Review:

Today I wanted to do something a bit different by providing a review of my entire shopping experience on I remember ordering on this website when I was in middle school and from what I can recall, I really enjoyed everything I purchased. Fast forward many years, YesStyle has slipped off my radar and I had forgotten about it. I decided to return to it and ended up purchasing a few things, so I thought it would be helpful not only reviewing the product, but reviewing the whole process.

YesStyle*This post is not sponsored by All items were purchased with my own money and this is a reflection of my honest opinion. However, this post does contain affiliate links, which if you choose to purchase from, Enclothed Cognition receives commission.


The website has not really changed since I last shopped on it (roughly 8 years ago). You can buy an array of items including clothing, accessories, footwear, bags, beauty and even home & lifestyle products. Honestly, scrolling the website is a bit hectic because the website has so many items and it is hard to sift through in an orderly manner. The product automatically loads when you scroll to the bottom of the screen and I noticed that it would sometimes jump when loading, causing you to loose your place on the page.

You can refine your searches by style, color and price range. These are options I often utilizing when shopping online, but on YesStyle the set styles offered include: cat-themed, cute, Japanese style, etc. I thought this was a bit confusing because it is hard to determine what really is encompassed within these vague categories. For instance, I was looking for jeans but could not choose a “denim” option because it was not available.

However, everything else on the YesStyle was reasonable. I do feel like they could choose better product photos, because it is not cohesive and it does give me SheIn and Zaful vibes. On other hand, I do like the expansive gallery you can view once you click on a particular product. Overall, it was a decent website to shop on.

Website navigation: 3/5
Tips when shopping on
‣Read the customer reviews if available! I found these extremely helpful when evaluating sizing and quality. For the most part, I feel like these reviews are genuine.
‣Check the size information for every product you are thinking of purchasing. Each item runs a different way, so it’s important to make sure you are purchasing the correct size.




I placed my YesStyle order on Tuesday, August 29th and utilized a 10% off coupon for signing up. Two of my items were marked “ready and in-stock” and the other was labeled as “waiting for stock”. I did receive a order confirmation e-mail but I waited for what seemed like forever for my package to ship. To the point, where I almost forgot I even ordered anything.
On September 15 (17 days later), I finally got an e-mail alerting me my order was ready for shipment. I am the type of person who checks the tracking number for any alerts at least twice a day because I get too excited (anyone else?!). My package was delivered to my doorstep on September 25.


Here’s the timeframe of the entire YesStyle order:
Order placed: August 29
Shipping Notification: September 15
Shipment Delivery: September 25
Total time: 27 days


It is safe to assume shipment would be longer than average because the origin is Asia. However, the things I ordered were labeled as items that “usually ship within 24 hours”. Clearly, this should be completely disregarding because it does not mean anything of substance considering it took a month to be delivered to my door. Ultimately, my order took too long for the company to process.



The Product

I ordered a total of three things…and to be straight up with you all, I absolutely adore everything! This boatneck sweater (one size) in “tangerine red” immediately caught my eye and it is actually one of their best sellers. Out of 99 reviews, it has almost 5 stars so I knew the quality was going to be good. This is such a cute fall top and I will definitely be wearing the crap out of it. On a side note, the sweater does not stay “off-the-shoulder” well though and is constantly slipping up towards my neck.

The other fashion item I ordered were these cropped slit jeans (XS). I fell in love with the tie details and the raw hem. I think they’re such a nice pair of trendy, relaxed jeans. As far as the fit, I know they are supposed to be oversized, but they’re slightly bigger than I anticipated even though I measured myself. I have to always wear a belt with them in order for them to stay up on my waist properly. Nonetheless, I think they’re quite nice, comfortable and fairly durable for a pair of denim at that price point. Another side note, some of the hems were sewn properly, but it is not like there are any holes.

Lastly, I went for this Etude House Dear Darling Water Tint in the shade Cherryade because I’ve always wanted to achieve that classic Korean “I-just-had-a-popsicle” beauty look and this does just that. It provides such a lovely shade of pink that really compliments my skin tone. Such a big fan of this stuff! Pretty long lasting too!


The Outfit


This usually does not happen, but I managed to order things that make a rather cute complete outfit! I’ve already worn this outfit a multitude of times since getting it in the mail, but the photo above was from the my boyfriend and I were strolling around his college campus. I actually got a lot of compliments from the students there saying they loved me outfit!

Shop the look:

Boatneck Sweater

Cropped Slit Jeans

Water Lip Tint


I do recommend shopping on YesStyle if you are interested in trying out some inexpensive Korean fashion or beauty trends! As long as you are not expecting the product to be delivered ASAP. When shopping, be sure to set some time (and patience) aside because it really is quite a lot to digest.

YesStyle has a lot of product to offer, but out of the three items I chose, I was quite impressed. I will be ordering from there again in the future and when I do, I’ll be sure to let you know what I get.

Have you ordered from before? What was your experience like?


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How to Wear the Classic Trench Coat

As a young preteen, I discovered my adoration for Audrey Hepburn and her classic film, Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Ever since then, owning a trench coat has always been a desire of mine and last month, I finally found the perfect one whilst thrifting in New York City. The trench coat is one of the most chicest, timeless outerwear pieces a woman can own and I wanted to style one to adhere to my own tastes.


Although it was slightly expensive for a thrifted piece, I thought it was a well justified purchase because it hardly had any wear to it. In fact, it almost looks brand new. The brand is L.K. Bennet (similar style) which at the time I never heard of, but I looked it up and this particular jacket could have gone for $500. Plus, it is a British company and what’s more British than a trench coat?

As for the sizing, I wish it was slightly more form-fitting, but what do expect when it is a size US 6 and I am a 00! Surprisingly, it does not look like I am swimming in it, but it does have a more oversized look which I actually prefer for my trench coats anyway. The length is perfect as it falls in the middle of my thigh and it gives me the illusion of looking much taller than I really am.

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As you can see from my Instagram, I decided to say screw it to the unseasonably warm weather and wore this outfit. Okay yes, it was quite warm and I had to shed the trench coat after a bit, but oh well. It is fall gosh darnnit and I just wanted to finally bust out my new jacket.

I wore it with a basic white turtleneck (another of my fall/winter wardrobe staples), a pair of high-waisted dark wash skinny jeans and these gorgeous deep red Cole Haan boots I thrifted this weekend. I thought it would look très chic by taking this classic trench coat and wearing it a bit more modernly by keeping it loose and slightly disheveled. I slouched it off one shoulder and just used the belt around the waist to cinch everything together.

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I honestly feel like this is something my wardrobe has been missing for a long time! Now that I own it, I half want to wear it for Halloween and go around crying about loosing my cat named Cat while it is pouring rain. Please, tell me I am not the only Breakfast at Tiffany’s fan here? Haha.

Until next time!

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