In the beginning of the month, I announced on Instagram that February would be the month I don’t spend money on anything frivolous. Although, I am naturally quite parsimonious and never spend outside of my means, I wanted to set a new goal for myself. This meant I would not purchase anything I don’t really need, especially clothing.

Set Boundaries

Before the month started, I wanted to set boundaries for myself and define the goals I wanted to accomplish. I designated a few pages in my bullet journal to do so. I decided I will not buy anything in which I don’t need. Again, these things naturally ended up falling in the clothing and home decor categories. The things in which I did allow myself leeway was any food purchases. For instance, getting dinner or drinks with friends.

Exercise Self-Control

As the month went on, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy this exercise came. To be honest, the hardest part was fighting the urge to head to a thrift store when I had some down time. Other than that, I didn’t encounter any internal struggles or breakdowns in the aisle of a Target – haha!

Last week, I went to the mall for lack of anything better to do. We wandered through a few stores and there were a couple things that caught my eye. However, I knew what my intentions were and found myself putting things back on the rack.

Money Flow

Now that I was focusing on tightening my wallet, I wanted to further incentivize myself. Not only was I saving money by not purchasing anything frivolous throughout the month of February, but I wanted to find other key ways to let the money flow in.

I started clearing out my closet yet again, letting go of anything that “doesn’t spark joy” as Marie Kondo proclaims. I listed more items on my Depop account so I could bring in a little extra cash and recycle my items to a new home.

No spending February


Now, I have successfully made it through the month! It is now March and I am honestly feeling financially better than ever. Saving my money could not have come at a better time as yesterday, I just bought a new car! Being more strict with myself during the month of February was totally rewarding in the end.

Although, I don’t think I will set any boundaries or myself for March, I will most definitely carry on these practices. In April, I have some traveling planned so I’ll definitely need to save up for that. πŸ™‚

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March 3, 2019


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