If there is one thing you might know about me, it is the fact that I adore thrifting. I can proudly say about 70% of my wardrobe is comprised of used pieces. There are a few reasons I find this method of shopping addicting. Hopefully, this will convince one of you to try thrifting…

Enclothed Cognition

Cost Effective

I can be quite parsimonious when it comes to money, so I really value a good deal. Previously, I would make a beeline straight for the clearance section of any standard clothing store. Now that I thrift, I find it comforting to know the entire selection is “clearance”.

Unless you get exceptionally lucky, I can promise thrifting will never break the bank. To this day, I continually get shocked at the total of my order when I picked out an abundance of items.

Why I Love Thrifting


Not only is thrifting good for your bank account, but it is also better for the environment. I am a big proponent of abandoning fast fashion as much as possible and opting for a much slower alternative. The environmental impact of fast fashion includes “water pollution [and] the use of toxic chemicals and increasing levels of textile waste” (Independent).

Whereas, thrifting is a much less impactful choice. You are not contributing to the waste the production of fast fashion creates. Instead, you are finding a new home for a well-loved used or vintage item. That’s certainly something to be proud of.

Treasure Hunt

Lastly, I am addicted to the treasure hunt thrifting entails. Although I may step out of a thrift store empty-handed, I am never truly disappointed. I know that if I go back a year or even a day later, I could stumble across a gem of an item. Some of my greatest thrift finds include: A Christian Dior sweater for $6, new Kenneth Cole loafers and a Giorgio Armani silk blouse. Just knowing I might find another hero item such as these gives me such a thrill fast fashion just can’t replace.

Enclothed Cognition

Thrifting Made Easy

However, given all the above, I do know thrifting is not the easiest for everyone. Some people don’t have the patience to sift through rack after rack and some people don’t live in a good thrifting area. Keeping this in mind, I thought it would be beneficial to start selling some of my thrifted gems to you.

With the ease of instagram and PayPal, I am now selling some of my best vintage thrift finds. I wanted the process to be quick and painless. All you need to do is DM me the item you are interested in, along with your name, email and zip. I’ll send an invoice and ship out your thrifted good!

All of the pictured items will be up on sale on my instagram, so be sure to keep an eye out!




November 26, 2018


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