As I got older and subsequently more keen on what I put my money towards, I found myself drifting away from fast fashion. I have become much more aware of my role as a consumer and I wanted to take action. Thus, I have replaced trips to the mall with trips to my local thrift store. I have also started doing more background research into the brands I give up my hard earned dollars too.

Sustainability and transparency has become of utmost importance to me. We live in a world where humans continually take and take without giving back, especially from the earth we call home. It is not fair on our environment and the consequences have been more poignant than ever.

That is why I was really happy when W. Cashmere reached out to me. As I got to learn more about their background and how their products are made, I realized our mission and values aligned. I knew it was a brand I could back wholeheartedly.

Enclothed Cognition
“We believe that when something is beautiful, it’s beauty from the source”.

Love from the Source

Sharon Wang, the founder of W. Cashmere, had a vision when it came to starting her own fashion company. It had to be as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible.

W. Cashmere sources their material from the Pair Mountains  of China – the birthplace of cashmere itself. A select number of goats are raised by herders using traditional methods, ensuring they live a long, healthy life. A better quality of life for these animals means a better quality of material. In addition, 70% of the cashmere is naturally white, which eliminates a harmful coloring and dying process.

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The Outfit

I received the lightweight cotton-cashmere ribbed tank and found it was perfect to act as a transition piece from summer to fall. I have never owned anything cashmere, so once I slipped it on, I swear I went to heaven. This top is unbelievably soft and is the perfect foundation for more minimal, classic outfits.

Enclothed Cognition

I wore this tank several times already and in this particular outfit, I paired it with an equally neutral skirt to play on tones.  The boyfriend and I went to a local outdoor concert where there were a tons of Halloween decorations on display! This gave me all the feels and it got me so excited for autumn.

Enclothed Cognition

The pieces from W. Cashmere are certainly investment pieces but it is truly something you can feel secure in purchasing. Not only is it amazing quality that will be sure to last a long time, but knowing the backstory of where the materials are sourced allows me to rest easy.

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September 4, 2018


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