This month I spent a long weekend at Sea Isle City, NJ with my family and boyfriend. It is an annual affair where we ease into relaxation, lay out in the sun and indulge in food. Needless to say, I would do anything to transport back there right now, especially as I look forlornly back at these photos.

On one of the days, my boyfriend and I slipped out to the beach to catch golden hour. By then, the crowds were mostly dispersed and we were able to watch the sun go down in peace. I spread out my new peştemal, a flat-woven Turkish towel, to sit down on.

raven's landing

Raven’s Landing was kind enough to equip me with this hand loomed towel that I toted everywhere with me that weekend. I love it’s earthy, minimal style that seamlessly went with my beach day aesthetic. My favorite thing about Raven’s Landing is that they support fair trade, sustainability, family businesses and local production. This towel is easily a summer essential.

Turkish towel

We came directly from dinner so I layered this loose white blouse that I tied in the front for a more cropped look.  I paired it with these high-waisted black shorts I thrifted and some minimal black slides.

Since we headed to the beach after, I layered my bathing suit underneath. I wanted to go after that retro, old school vibe so I wore this plain tube top and high-waisted bottom. I must say, the whole look matched with my towel!


raven's landing

Coming back to reality was a rude awakening. It almost feels like this past beach trip was a dream.. but alas, life must go on. Until next time, Sea Isle. 🙂



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July 23, 2018


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