Back again with another fashion post featuring one of my favorite brands, Kooding. I have to admit, I am typically a neutral and solid color type of girl. As someone who tends to dress more minimally, pattern can sometimes be intimidating when it comes to incorporating them into everyday outfits.

However, this summer I wanted to make it a point of stepping out of my comfort zone by going for a bit more pattern. Kooding was kind enough to send me a few pieces that certainly because staples for me this season.

Incorporating pattern

I receive so many compliments whenever I step out in this gingham skirt. I love the shirred detailing because it just takes this mini skirt up a notch. Pairing a pattern piece with something solid is a no-brainer way to style print. This bodysuit complimented the skirt in just the right way without being too overpowering. To top the outfit off, I always wear these gold framed sunglasses because they suit my face shape and go with every outfit.


I challenged myself even further by going for an all over print outfit. An easy way to ease into this though is to go for a dress. This feminine, chic floral maxi dress made me feel like such a classy lady! I absolutely loved the buttons going down the middle.

Floral Dress

Thank you to Kooding for sponsoring this post and providing me the perfect pattern pieces to get me out of my comfort zone!

Summer Portrait

Floral Dress

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July 29, 2018


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