Although the layered gold necklaces look is not anything new, I recently embraced the trend and have been wearing it non-stop. I am sure you have seen gold, vintage looking chains on lots of Instagram posts as of lately.

What’s your sign?

Personally, I love this look because of how unique and customizable it is. Sure you can purchase one necklace that has multiple layers already built into it if you do not want to think too much into it. However, I was drawn to the look because I wanted to customize my layered gold jewelry and have it mean something to me.

One of my new favorite necklaces, is this petite Zodiac piece   from TOTALKNOCKOUT. This is not sponsored but my lovely friend Tanya who runs the company was so sweet and sent it to me an honestly I have yet to take it off. It is the only necklace I feel comfortable enough to sleep and shower in.

Sticking to the astrological theme, I also wear my Taurus necklace from Mejuri quite frequently.  It is a minimal pendant that features my constellation. This one is my longest gold necklace and layers perfectly with my others.


Gold necklace outfit

Coin Necklace

The coin necklace reigned supreme last summer and it is here to stay once again. Gold tends to naturally go best with the warmer seasons. A coin piece is absolutely essential if you want your layered gold necklaces to have that vintage vibe. There are lots of unique ones at various price points.

Gold Choker

Top it Off

So now you have your longer layers, a great way to finish is it off is with a gold choker necklace. This really completes the layered look and adds that last touch of sparkle. Opt for a minimal one of your other layers are more bold to balance the look out.

Layering gold necklaces - Enclothed Cognition

All Together Now

Layered gold necklaces can seriously go with almost any outfit. I pile on the jewelry when I am wearing a simple t-shirt, off-the-shoulder top, or a V-cut neckline. The options are seriously endless with this jewelry trend. Have you tried it out yet?



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March 12, 2018


I hopped on the layered gold necklace trend without realising it was a thing?? I have a delicate gold Dior pendant necklace that I’ve worn for awhile, but recently I bought another gold pendant necklace, this time from a small business, and lately I’ve been layering those two together! I’m still trying to figure out at which length to wear each of them so that they look good together though. I guess all I’m missing now is a gold choker ;P -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

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