What is Style?

As fashion continues to play a more integral part of my life, I periodically receive the question, β€œHow would you define your sense of style”? It is certainly not an uncommon question when one is a blogger per se, but I never really knew how to answer it. I felt like I could not say that I Β did not know and it depended on my mood… In reality, this was exactly the case.

The past year or so, I was heavily influenced by streetwear and the athleisure trend (that has yet to slow down, by the way). However, nowadays I tend to gravitate towards more polished and classic styles. Perhaps this happened naturally as I entered the workforce and was obligated to dress more professionally. But this does not mean I left my love for streetwear behind completely. I realized I balanced between the two – among other sorts of looks and inspiration. So how would one describe this sort of style?

Classic Style

Simply, I would have to say my sense of style is undefined. It cannot be summed up easily into a couple of keywords as it varies heavily on my mood and my environment and how I am feeling that day. Although it is abstract, I did not want to box myself in on only one option.

It’s a Digital World

Oftentimes, I wondered if constantly switching up your style was bad for your engagement (especially on Instagram). If people followed me because they found inspiration in my outfits featuring sneakers and joggers pants, did they unfollow me when I posted a photo of me in a dress a couple of days later? On the other hand, I have learned that it is best to be authentic and it is a privilege to be able to post whatever you want! I love switching up my style and this epiphany made me realize how many other people love to do so too.

Versatility is Key

Plus, streetwear and more classic outfits are different but can have similar elements. Not having a defined sense of style actually encouraged me to be more creative as I found parallel between the two. For instance, a pair of faux leather leggings can be worn with a graphic t-shirt and a pair of sneakers to channel an urban vibe. Or the leather leggings can be worn with a blazer and a pair of kitten heels. Similarly, a distressed pair of girlfriend jeans would look killer casual or dressed up! One day you can wear this distressed pair of girlfriend jeans with an oversized bomber and the next day you could wear it with a cozy turtleneck and ankle boots!

I truly believe we should all feel comfortable expressing ourselves through our clothing, whether that means sticking to the same style or having the ability to try out a different style everyday! We should not shy away from what makes us feel good. Embrace it!


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January 29, 2018


I totally agree Keri, there really no need to pigeonhole yourself into a specific style category. I definitely have my different moods when I’m feeling tomboy-ish or alternatively when I want a hyper girly look!
Have an awesome week babe!
x Rubi
Pose & Repeat

Loved this! There’s always this one morning ever so often that I wake up, go to my closet and see that I’ve grown in so many ways that what’s hanging in there doesn’t reflect me anymore. Then is the moment to mix, match, experiment, and pray my bank account can handle at least 2-3 purchases to help it continue evolving!
Maria Eugenia . thegirlonanisland.com

I completely agree and feel I don’t have a defined style either. I used to love the latest fashion and buy everything on trend, but in recent years I’ve not been able to do that. I’m finding my love of fashion again and hopefully with that I’ll find my style.

Lauren xx – bylaurenjane

I hope so too, Lauren! If not, as long as what you’re wearing makes you feel good and act confident – that’s all that matters!

This post! As a fashion graduate, I find that my ‘personal style’ used to be heavily influenced by the latest trend. I was a streetwear/ athleisure advocate, just like you. But after reading The Curated Closet (I would HIGHLY recommend), I feel that my style is slowly evolving and ironically, depending less on trends, and more about silhouettes and favourite outfit combinations. It’s a really helpful book that has helped me fall back in love with clothes again!

This really resonated with me! I definitely think my style is gearing more towards closet staples and less of trendy pieces. I am definitely going to read that – thanks for the recommendation!

Loved reading this. I always see bloggers especially who such a defined sense of style, that if you looked at that outfit, you’d know it was them straight away but I never really thought about that kind of style for myself. I just wear whatever I want. Though I do think that even though you might not think you have a certain style, you still probably do, something people can identify as yours. If that makes any sense haha

SHANNON VALLE life + style blog

That’s true to! I guess you always put your own personal spin on any outfit which does make that look ‘you’. πŸ™‚

What a lovely read you got here dear! I completely agree with you dear. Yes one can have his/her own style, but being open to changes and being versatile actually opens you up to more possibilities for creativity and ideas.

Jessica | notjessfashion.com

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