Happy Monday, lovelies! Let me tell you a quick story about this t-shirt. As soon as I saw it, I knew it would be the perfect Christmas gift for my boyfriend given the upfront saying, eagle graphic and his genuine love of the Fuct brand. However, it’s a size small and he usually wears a medium and so here we are. He ended up giving it back to me and I swear to you I never meant for this to happen. And can  I just say this one shirt sums up my entire feeling about this upcoming presidential election? Not to bring politics in but I think we are pretty much #fuct.

On a side note, is anyone going to the Bloglovin’ H&M Awards tonight in NYC?! I won tickets from H&M to attend but unfortunately the event starts at 9PM and not ideal for my commute from Philadelphia and my class tomorrow morning. I am so bummed I had to pass up the opportunity, but if any of my followers are going let me know. I would love to hear about how it was and sulk about what I missed (jk kinda). Anyways, let’s have a good week! 🙂



September 12, 2016

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