Hello, lovelies! I am back at home but looking at these photos from the past week totally made me miss being at the beach. One morning, my mom and I took an early walk by the water. It was such a perfect time to go because it is before it was congested with people and made capturing these photos so easy!

Although, one may say I am very stylish in many aspects of my life, one thing I know I was lacking in was chic beach attire. I am the type of person who usually throws an oversized t-shirt on over my bathing suit and call it a day. However, with my 2 beach trips this month I thought it would be nice to have an official cover up to wear to and from the ocean. I was lucky enough to snag this lovely sequin kimono-style dress. I am not a sequin kind of girl, but I thought it was done in such a tasteful way. It is such a beautiful, seasonal piece and you will be happy to know that I washed it numerous times and it was not deteriorated in quality. You can bet I am placing right back in my luggage case for my next trip!

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July 18, 2016


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