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August 20, 2015

H&M blazer and pants
Old Navy top 
Forever 21 nude heels

I am a big fan of suits or just office attire in general. Although I swear it's a minor reason of why I chose my particular career path, I am not going to deny my affinity for office-wear and being a business major. It just worked out! As my last weekend of summer approaches, I thought it would be appropriate to show a more professional look for those going out for an internship, running for club office, job interview, or doing a class presentation. Whatever the reason, this look is perfect for just that! White/cream pant suits always remind me of Olivia Pope (Scandal anyone?) and by wearing this I hope to mirror her very essence. I don't watch the show anymore, but when I did, I always admired her ability to look put together all the time. Not to mention her strong-willed personality and emulation of a powerful "gladiator in a suit". That being said, I wish to take some of Pope's characteristics (attributes and style) and apply them to myself in this upcoming school year!
14 comments on "Scandal"
  1. This is SO Olivia Pope!! I love Scandal. You look amazing. So chic.

    Sabrina | GYPSY T▲N

  2. I love how relaxed and yet so chic you look.

  3. This outfit is on point. I’m not a huge fan of office wear either (unless is has some hobo-ish element added into it) but it made me laugh when you said it’s partly why you chose your career path! I used to think that when I was little but now we’re older we realise how it’s such a minor part of the job you choose haha Though, I do prefer wearing my own clothing to a uniform!


  4. I'm a HUGE lover of suits for the office, too, but I gravitate towards the darker end of the color spectrum, haha. You pull off this look so well, Keri, and I'm loving the pop of pastel purple! And ooh, I didn't know you were a business major, but all the best to you for the upcoming school year!

    May | THE MAYDEN

    1. Oh, and also, let's talk about that cuppa coffe

  5. Love your pants!
    Mademoiselle Coconath

  6. loving this outfit...looking great sweetie!!
    kisses from dubai ♥

  7. I love every part of this outfit! Those pants looks amaaazing on you and that blazer is perfection too. A+++ styling.
    xx, Pia

  8. Oh this look is very Olivia Pope, I love her style and this look so much =)

  9. Love this look and the colour combo is fab for the warmer months. x

  10. You look really good in office-wear, especially in this light colours! You look very classy and professional - I'd love to try that kind of outfits actually :)

    Andrea (formerly

  11. super chic and clean look! you did some good shopping here :)

  12. This look is beyond chic! Your delicate necklace is very pretty :)

    XO Courtney


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