No Rules

 H&M blazer & booties, American Apparel turtleneck crop top, Forever 21 pants

Last night I came across the above image on Tumblr and for some reason it transcended my thoughts  (maybe because it was like 2 AM). I thought back on my life and when it comes to wearing “what I like”, I am quite proud of myself. All the way back to elementary school, I was always interested in clothes. To me, school was a bore, but if I was wearing a cute outfit that day it made it much more bearable. It’s kind of ironic because I was always really introverted and shy but somewhere along the road I learned to not give a fuck about what people thought of how I dressed. A couple of times in middle school, a few girls would look me up and down and ask me why I was “so dressed up” when it is just school. I would always shrug.

It is unfortunate that most girls people are so quick to judge others based on appearance alone. Basically, moral of my rant, is to not care what others might think of you. There is absolutely nothing wrong with dressing to impress. As long as you feel good, nothing else should matter.

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