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January 29, 2015
Whenever I find myself having a spare moment throughout the day, I seem to always end up on Tumblr. I've had my account for years now and it is always my go to cure for boredism or a needed dosage of inspiration. I am currently updating three separate Tumblr blogs because it helps me organize my posts (silly? Maybe..). If you want to check out my personal blog (music, quotes, etc.) click here!


The Tumblr that I have linked permanently on my blog is where I post all my fashion inspiration. Whenever I am in a real slump of what to wear, I always look back on the pictures I have previously reposted.

Lastly, my final tumblr blog is my future life inspiration. It is mostly just interior design that I have fallen in love and everything that I hope my future home will be like. Simply put, it's my, "life goals".

What's your favorite tumblr blog? Or leave me yours and I will follow you! :)

6 comments on "Inspiration"
  1. great inspiration/..


    I can rock any outfits, come follow my online diary

  2. Great inspo!


  3. So simple and yet so chic. You look like you’re at Downton Abbey for Christmas!! -- leezeer

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  4. Gotta love tumblr, these photos are amazing!

  5. lovely inspiration!

    <3 Tina


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