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Chasing the Sun

November 15, 2014

 Forever 21 coat (similar), H&M lace crop (similar), American Apparel skirt, Bare Feet Shoes boots

I am feeling so grateful that my apartment has roof access to such a beautiful view of the Philadelphia skyline so I can witness nights like this. No matter how many times I go up there, it always manages to stun and leave me in awe. So much love for my city!

Wearing a skirt seemed absurd to me in this freezing weather..until I purchased my first pair of knee high boots! I love these because they provide such warmth for my otherwise bare legs. I found these at this store not far from my campus called Bare Feet Shoes and guess how much I paid for them... $10!!! Even though they aren't the best quality, they're nice to just have for one season, so I don't mind.

4 comments on "Chasing the Sun"
  1. Beautiful pictures! and loved your boots btw :)

  2. Beautiful pictures! Love the white lace top!
    xo, Jane

  3. What a gorgeous sunset on your rooftop! I see you're taking advantage of the last streams of light.

  4. Beautiful view <3
    Love ur outfits! : )


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