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August 24, 2014

Long time, no post! I cannot believe how the end of August is here. Inevitably, I am wallowing in my own self-pity as classes start again tomorrow (first world problems?). However, as you can see from the above pictures I have moved into my new apartment yesterday! I am obsessed with my new room. Although, it is a bit cramped I feel like it really reflects me, which to me, is so important as my room is where I spend so much of my time and I want it to feel like home as much as possible.

Honestly, the biggest struggle was having to fit all my clothes into this room, which is why I had to bring my own clothing rack because the wardrobe they provided was just not cutting it. Alas, I have always wanted one and I was excited to organize it! There's a couple things I have to tweak and add, but other than that my room is good to go! Good luck to all those who are starting another semester. Kill it! 

3 comments on "Apartment Room Tour"
  1. Ah, I love the color coordination you do for your room! You really have taste. I will probably back to your blog, and thank you for visiting my blog before :) xx

    The Mad Shopper's Dressing Room

  2. CUTE


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