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Thanks, Global Warming

January 16, 2017

Last week, mother nature tricked me into thinking we were collectively skipping winter and transitioning straight into spring as temperatures reached an unusual 60 degrees during January. Global warming is real people (I am pointing at you Trump). However, without thinking too much of the serious implications, I can say I was enjoying the unseasonable weather and managed to wear this outfit comfortably. What a time to be alive.

If you couldn't tell from my last ootd post, I am all about the comfortable pants right now and these wide-leg pants are no exception. They consume my petite frame so I balanced it out with a plain black tube top and a black duster coat to top it all off.


Soft Lighting

January 13, 2017

I present to you, the comfiest outfit I seriously have ever worn. I basically paired all my silk fabric pieces together to create this casual, track look. Not only is it so cozy, but it also contains a decent amount of color which is something I am trying to work on in 2017. The pink trim on the jacket matches with the pink slip camisole and the maroon pants just tie everything together quite nicely.

Jacket c/o AMI Clubwear/Silk Cami/Satin Joggers/Leather Old Skool Vans


Ultralight Beam

January 11, 2017

Last week, Pennsylvania finally received its' first snowfall of the year and despite the fact that I am pretty much over the bitter cold, I do have to say the snow does make everything look beautiful outside. Plus, the sunlight bounces off the snow beautifully and creates some gorgeous lighting for photos. I joked on my instagram that these photos are me pretending that I am not freezing to death, but that is seriously how I felt. Blogger probs, am I right?

Anyway, I whipped out the Pablo merch and thought the font color went perfectly with this faux-fur jacket. For bottoms, I went with black Calvin Klein denim and my knee-high boots.


Wishlist #11: Affordable and Sexy Lingerie

January 9, 2017

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Happy Monday, babes! I woke up feeling some type of way, so decided to curate a shopping wishlist dedicated to the things worn beneath your typical OOTD. I am a huge lingerie fan and I feel that any girl can seriously benefit from pampering herself with pretty bras and panties, regardless of whether or not she has someone to impress. I honestly feel lingerie should be worn for yourself. Personally, when I am wearing cute/sexy lingerie, my confidence is immediately boosted, even if on top I am wearing a baggy men's tee and sweatpants and am spending the day at home. That is why today's wishlist is focused on dainty, provactive lingerie sets and pieces that are not only luxe, but affordable for any girl. Let me know which one is your favorite!


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