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How to Wear Pattern in the Summer ft. Kooding

Gingham skirt - summer fashion

Back again with another fashion post featuring one of my favorite brands, Kooding. I have to admit, I am typically a neutral and solid color type of girl. As someone who tends to dress more minimally, pattern can sometimes be intimidating when it comes to incorporating them into everyday outfits.

However, this summer I wanted to make it a point of stepping out of my comfort zone by going for a bit more pattern. Kooding was kind enough to send me a few pieces that certainly because staples for me this season.

Incorporating pattern

I receive so many compliments whenever I step out in this gingham skirt. I love the shirred detailing because it just takes this mini skirt up a notch. Pairing a pattern piece with something solid is a no-brainer way to style print. This bodysuit complimented the skirt in just the right way without being too overpowering. To top the outfit off, I always wear these gold framed sunglasses because they suit my face shape and go with every outfit.


I challenged myself even further by going for an all over print outfit. An easy way to ease into this though is to go for a dress. This feminine, chic floral maxi dress made me feel like such a classy lady! I absolutely loved the buttons going down the middle.

Floral Dress

Thank you to Kooding for sponsoring this post and providing me the perfect pattern pieces to get me out of my comfort zone!

Summer Portrait

Floral Dress

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Summer Beach Day ft. Raven’s Landing

This month I spent a long weekend at Sea Isle City, NJ with my family and boyfriend. It is an annual affair where we ease into relaxation, lay out in the sun and indulge in food. Needless to say, I would do anything to transport back there right now, especially as I look forlornly back at these photos.

On one of the days, my boyfriend and I slipped out to the beach to catch golden hour. By then, the crowds were mostly dispersed and we were able to watch the sun go down in peace. I spread out my new peştemal, a flat-woven Turkish towel, to sit down on.

raven's landing

Raven’s Landing was kind enough to equip me with this hand loomed towel that I toted everywhere with me that weekend. I love it’s earthy, minimal style that seamlessly went with my beach day aesthetic. My favorite thing about Raven’s Landing is that they support fair trade, sustainability, family businesses and local production. This towel is easily a summer essential.

Turkish towel

We came directly from dinner so I layered this loose white blouse that I tied in the front for a more cropped look.  I paired it with these high-waisted black shorts I thrifted and some minimal black slides.

Since we headed to the beach after, I layered my bathing suit underneath. I wanted to go after that retro, old school vibe so I wore this plain tube top and high-waisted bottom. I must say, the whole look matched with my towel!


raven's landing

Coming back to reality was a rude awakening. It almost feels like this past beach trip was a dream.. but alas, life must go on. Until next time, Sea Isle. 🙂



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Mini Haul ft. Kooding (Korean Fashion)

Enclothed cognition - denim from Kooding

After the longest hiatus I have ever taken from my blog, I am back! I was really starting to miss the ritual of sitting down to write content for my own blog, so I thought it was time to jump back into it. And what better way to break the ice with a mini haul featuring some new fashion pieces I received from Kooding!

Enclothed Cognition - Denim from Kooding

Denim Days

I took to Instagram to briefly mention my never-ending struggle when it comes to finding bottoms that fit properly. As a very petite Asian girl, I find that a lot of stores just do not cater to my body frame. However, I was feeling risky and went for these (similar style) high-waisted jeans after meticulously checking the size chart and measuring myself.
When my package arrived and I tried them on, I was joyous to find the jeans fit me quite well! It is still slightly loose around the waist and ankle, but otherwise quite cute and very wearable! The denim itself was of really nice quality and I loved the trendy rip across the thigh. I think it’s a cool take on distressed jeans without being too much.
Modern hanbok top from Kooding

Modern Twist

In addition, I found this amazing printed top that is structured to be like the modern take on a traditional Korean hanbok. As a Korean-American adoptee, it felt really special to incorporate a hanbok inspired piece in an everyday outfit! Plus, it forced me to learn how to tie a traditional hanbok, which will be a good skill to know for future reference!
The fabric is quite light and airy, which is perfect for the summertime. I have already paired it with the aforementioned distressed jeans and a skirt.
Enclothed Cognition - cozy cardigan from Kooding

Team Cozy

Lastly, I could not pass up this (similar style) gorgeous chunky longline cardigan. I have a similar grey one that I wore non-stop this past winter. Even though it is sweltering and humid outside, I just felt like I needed this cardigan in my life. It is really oversized on me, but that is what makes it so comfortable and cozy! I will definitely be toting this to work when the AC is on full blast.
That’s a wrap on my little Kooding haul. Definitely check them out for all of your Korean fashion needs!
I promise next post will contain lots of info regarding what I have been up to for the past few months! x
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Shop the Trend: Layered Gold Necklaces

Two gold necklaces from TK by TKO and ThredUP

Although the layered gold necklaces look is not anything new, I recently embraced the trend and have been wearing it non-stop. I am sure you have seen gold, vintage looking chains on lots of Instagram posts as of lately.

What’s your sign?

Personally, I love this look because of how unique and customizable it is. Sure you can purchase one necklace that has multiple layers already built into it if you do not want to think too much into it. However, I was drawn to the look because I wanted to customize my layered gold jewelry and have it mean something to me.

One of my new favorite necklaces, is this petite Zodiac piece   from TOTALKNOCKOUT. This is not sponsored but my lovely friend Tanya who runs the company was so sweet and sent it to me an honestly I have yet to take it off. It is the only necklace I feel comfortable enough to sleep and shower in.

Sticking to the astrological theme, I also wear my Taurus necklace from Mejuri quite frequently.  It is a minimal pendant that features my constellation. This one is my longest gold necklace and layers perfectly with my others.


Gold necklace outfit

Coin Necklace

The coin necklace reigned supreme last summer and it is here to stay once again. Gold tends to naturally go best with the warmer seasons. A coin piece is absolutely essential if you want your layered gold necklaces to have that vintage vibe. There are lots of unique ones at various price points.

Gold Choker

Top it Off

So now you have your longer layers, a great way to finish is it off is with a gold choker necklace. This really completes the layered look and adds that last touch of sparkle. Opt for a minimal one of your other layers are more bold to balance the look out.

Layering gold necklaces - Enclothed Cognition

All Together Now

Layered gold necklaces can seriously go with almost any outfit. I pile on the jewelry when I am wearing a simple t-shirt, off-the-shoulder top, or a V-cut neckline. The options are seriously endless with this jewelry trend. Have you tried it out yet?



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How to Wear a Blazer Dress

Blazer Dress Photo 1

Plaid Jane

I have been totally drawn to the blazer dress trend as oversized silhouettes and menswear influences have always been some of my favorite attributes. The blazer dress will certainly make you feel like the #BossBabe you truly are. Here is how to style it in a way that is powerful and feminine.

Blazer Dress Detailed PhotoAs you know by now, thrifting is my main source of acquiring new clothing to add to my wardrobe. I discovered this grey plaid blazer from my local Goodwill, along with the belt I used to cinch the waistline.


Blazer Dress Photo 3

It was a bit short on me, so I layered a black pleated skirt underneath, but to be quite honest, you could not really see it and it was just there to prevent any unwanted flashings (haha). To add a bit of edginess, I wore these fishnet stockings and my above-the-ankle red boots from Kenneth Cole (also thrifted). To top it off, I added this paperboy cap to give it a preppy British flare.

This is honestly just one way to style this eponymous blazer dress trend. I could also see it being worn with a slightly longer pencil skirt, trousers or a loose pair of mom jeans. It would even look amazing styled with a pair of sneakers.

Blazer Dress Photo 4

In case you are not as lucky as me, skip the thrift store and grab your own blazer dress:

How to Wear the Blazer Dress Trend Click To Tweet

Also, if you have not noticed, I spent the day converting to a more minimal blog design. I would love to get your thoughts on this new layout! Tell me if it’s easy to navigate? Do you prefer minimal over a more cluttered digital space?


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Minimal Amazon Bedroom Decor Under $50



If you are not following my on Instagram, you probably have not heard my big news! I got a new job and am shortly moving to New York City! Specifically Brooklyn and I have been on this huge interior decor binge lately in preparation for the big move. Amazon continues to be my go-to when it comes to this type of home decor stuff because of the huge selection and the option of Prime (duh). I decided to hunt down my favorite bedroom decor products that are all under $50!

Green Machine

I love plants and foliage….but I do not have the best green thumb (or any to be honest). I have a few live plants I managed to keep alive, but other than that, I think there is nothing wrong with some artificial plants! They may not be real, but they keep your space looking fresh and zen. Personally, I think the greener, the better! I like to go with plants I can put on countertops, as well as a few options I can hang.

Selection of artifice plants from Amazon
1. Plant Hanger 2. Potted Plant 3. Geometric Wall Decor 4. Silk Palm Tree 5. Silk Wisteria Vines 6. Assorted Succulents


 All Natural

I also love interior decor items that have a nature-inspired vibe to them. Not to mention, these neutral, brown toned products would pair so well with the above artificial plants. Mixing both will definitely bring a sense of symmetry and calm to your bedroom space – especially with products such as the salt lamp and oil diffuser.

1. Gold Mirror 2. Himalayan Salt Lamp 3. Tapestry 4. Retro End Table 5. Essential Oil Diffuser 6. Decorative Throw Pillow


Cuddle Season

Evidently, one of the main focuses of the bedroom is…the bed. Make sure you pay close attention to the piece of furniture where you spend 8 hours (ideally, right?) everyday. Personally, I love buying things to enhance the bed and amp up the coziness factor. These products do exactly that.


1. Leaf Throw Pillow Covers 2. Down Duvet 3. Laptop Desk 4. Throw Blanket 5. Silk Pillowcase 6. Sateen Sheets



I have been trying to be more active on Pinterest and lately I have been pinning so much interior/home decor ideas! To wrap this post up, here are some of my favorite bedroom/home decor photos featuring some similar products from above!


Pinterest pinterst



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